Paying Credit Card Bills Online Through Metrobank Direct

I just had my first statement of account for my Metrobank Classic credit card and had already set up an online account since I also have a savings account in Metrobank. But when I was ready to pay up I was stopped on my tracks by a little thing called the reference number with an asterisk. One thing I know about an asterisk next to an input box in the internet is that it means you are required to put something in it. I did see reference numbers beside each of my credit card transactions in my statement of account but I had to make sure. So I searched and I searched and didn’t find any answer for my query. I e-mailed customers service but I had to wait a couple of days since it was Friday night and so I also posted this question in a forum about Metrobank credit cards just to make sure and immediately got my answer, that you don’t need to indicate any reference numbers. Indicating what bill you want to pay for with the account number is enough and you could put whatever amount you want to be billed. Well, I’m just posting this so if anybody out there run into the same dilemma here’s your answer. Oh, and a couple of days later Metro’s customer service said the same thing so there, you can go ahead and pay your bills without indicating the reference number in the Pay Bills section.


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