Samsung Galaxy Note

What can I say? I just love everything about my Galaxy Note. I know the quad-core smartphones are just right around (HTC One X) the corner but the Galaxy Note is still an incredible device. What I really love about it is, of course, the HD 5.3-inch screen. It’s just gorgeous.

I’ve owned the device since December but I just can’t put it down. I find myself sometimes reaching for it and just looking at the screen, swiping around, doing just nothing. I just want to see the colorful, bright, and gorgeous screen.
And boy oh boy, I can’t wait for ICS. Not like there’s something wrong about it now, it’s just that if this thing is fast now, what more with ICS.
I’ve seen some posts about screen issues though, which I honestly think is just nitpicking. It’s not like I’m using my phone as an HDTV replacement. A few years ago I was playing snake on a pixelated black and white Nokia screen so yeah, I’m pretty grateful with the technology now even if it’s not perfect.
And the S-pen is really handy. I find myself jotting down notes like peoples’ phone numbers, grocery lists, things to do, and using it in a little game called Draw Something. I read some people complaining about it having a stylus but it’s not like the device would be rendered useless without it. It’s just a bonus feature, which I think is really useful. You either take it or leave it but the good thing is it’s still there.
Oh well, this is not a review. It’s just an appreciation so there.

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