On The Go

One thing I love being a freelancer as I have mentioned before is being able to do stuff you couldn’t normally do if I was a regular office employee like paying utility bills and going to the bank. Although I have someone who could do these things for me, I do prefer to do them myself. What I would do is get some work done at home, go to where I needed to go, and then finish up the the rest of my work outside.

One place I usually hang out to finish my work is at The Coffee Experience here in our local mall. I could go to Starbucks but the WiFi speed there is abysmal, which is a no-no for my work. I have a quota and the quantity of my work depends on how fast I can access the internet. The free WiFi here is fast enough. I could also go to an internet cafe like Got Hub that offers a wired connection for laptops and save a few pesos, but I’ve noticed the speed has recently dropped. And besides, the couch at the coffee shop is much more comfortable.


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