Applewerkz Contest

I just won a free SGP screen protector for my Galaxy Note today from Applewerkz!! Yahoo! It’s really a very easy contest. You just need to answer the question, “What is the predecessor of the Galaxy Note?” Back in 2004, I won a 1-gig USB pen drive from Acer but the cost of travelling to pick up a 500-peso device in their main office in Makati is just too much so I passed on that. But I just got good news that my prize is going to be shipped to me. Another Yahoo!

I think it’s quite unfair to the others though because I’m currently working on a project where web research skill is a must and believe me, if it’s in the web, I WILL find it. I also won a music CD a couple of years ago for guessing the birthday of the owner’s wife with the help of this particular skill and if I can find such information in a few minutes, finding out the correct predecessor of the Galaxy Note is such an easy task for me. It took me only a few clicks.

I also remember helping out someone finding information about a long lost acquaintance with only a first name and a few descriptions and I ended up finding out about the person’s history and current whereabouts. The lesson here is if you have been online for a few years, you are easily searchable so be careful what information you put out about yourself in the world wide web because that information will be there forever and anybody can find it. You just have to ask the right questions.


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