Familiar Faces

I’ve been very busy these past couple of months because of work and I have another interview tomorrow for a full time online work so I’m sure I’ll be busier, but it’s just funny sometimes to realize that people doesn’t have the slightest idea of the connection of familiar faces we see in our everyday lives. An acquaintance approached me today and I learned that we have communicated in a forum before. It’s just that I like to plaster my face all over my profile in the internet that’s why anyone who I crossed path before in the interwebs will easily recognize me. I’ve had similar experiences before where I learn that a coworker is actually a distant relative of my partner in life and I learned it through where else but Facebook or my brother’s wife’s circle of friends is the same as the circle of friends of my girlfriend’s brother’s ex-girlfriend. LOL. It’s a bit confusing but that’s how it is. Anyway, if you come across this blog and ever see me wondering around like a fool in Baguio City, just holler aight! Peace, I’m out!


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